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Smokers & Tobacco Users Still Can Find Affordable Term Life Insurance!

Hi, Chris. With Boise Health and Life Insurance Agency. Today, we are going to do a video and some quotes for someone who currently smokes or chews any kind of tobacco product that could be vaping as well. Also, add cannabis, these days cannabis is considered, tobacco rates.

So keep that in mind as you're shopping, but we'll give you an idea here. Being a smoker or tobacco user is usually going to double your premiums just pretty much right up that, you know, and then everyone says to me, Well, I'm just gonna quit and then get life insurance

Well from my experience you are better off getting the insurance in place, then quit using tobacco and then going back for a rate reduction on your policy. And I have seen customers and clients, where they waited to quit something, happens with their health and then they are uninsurable! So this is another one of my quote engines here, But you can always come to the website and come in here and click on life insurance.

Quote and up here you can go to the life insurance page. There's an actual online quarter that's right, embedded into the website right there um or just give us call. So, uh, this is a quick another little quarter. I used to show some rates. Now, this is gonna be a quick little video here today. Just want to give you an idea of what smoker life insurance rates may look like. 

This kind of show you the difference in rates here. So what I have is myself on 48 yr old male 20-year term life, which is probably the most popular product that sold for 250,000. Ah, a lot of times. And you get to be, you know, in your late forties, early fifties, you are just looking.

You might have some insurance in force already at work. You might have some other older, permanent, whole life policies. And you're just looking for something to supplement. Take you out for the next 20 years, make sure the kids get off the college. Uh, you, uh, the house gets paid off, or if you're a business owner, you get some business loans paid and taking care of.

If anything happened, so 250k is is a good amount there. So let's see here.  We're looking annual premium. Let's go. Let's just make this a monthly premium payment.  That's what just kind of gives you a better idea there. I like that.  So this is a standard plus, which is a general good kind of place to be. If you're an overall good general health standard plus non-tobacco rate would look pretty good.

Okay.  And this is a banner policy here, coming in about 52 monthly Pacific life , Principal, AIG & John Hancock, they're all pretty close to 50 to $56 a month. All these companies would be great companies to take a look at their We work with all of them. Some of them, you know, depending on if you've got any health issues. Some of them are little that was funny and quirkier that we make sure we talk to you about that before we apply.

Okay, these air nonsmoker rates, So standard. Plus, And then let's see here. Where's our first smoker rate? Here? It will be for the same. Probably gonna be for tobacco. So you can see here We went from the $52 a month to 1 39 for a preferred tobacco ray. 140.00 with AIG. And that's pretty normal. So that gives you an idea here if you can. If you can quit now, if you're currently using tobacco, uh, most companies want you tobacco-free for several years to get the best rates .

So, you know, you gotta quit now. But here's the good news. You even if you are a tobacco user. You know, you gotta be honest on these applications, number one, because you just have to, you know, you don't want any issues If something were to happen, you know that you're not being honest, and you're doing is two ccs full. So there can always be an issue with the claims.

So you always got to make sure you're being honest, that they'll find out, especially blood urine, and they look a doctor's records to on all that could be tied into your records. So be honest upfront, 139.00 a month. Really for tobacco rates, still not too bad. And then you can take your time. Make sure that you quit and do it the right way. And throughout a specified time, we can ask for rate reductions based upon how long you been tobacco-free to get those rates down.

So that's what you do. That's our suggestion. But that gives you an idea right there on the difference between a smoker and nonsmoker rates. It's a huge, huge difference, so but don't be deceitful when trying to apply for coverage, either with the company's it's that will never, ever work out in your favor. So give the office call.

Reach out to us. We can help you. Yes, if you're an occasional cigar user, that's a different story. If you're sure that is a tobacco rate, any kind of nicotine patches. Those are all tobacco rates and vapes with nicotine in it. Those air tobacco rates as well. And I did mention cannabis, which they are considered tobacco rates these days. But okay, folks, I hope you're having a great day and we will talk to you soon.

Thank you.

The Effect Of Tobacco To Your Insurance Premiums

Smoking tobacco comes with a lot of health risks, but did you know that it can also make your insurance premiums go up? That’s right – if you smoke, you’ll likely pay more for life, health, and auto insurance.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. It’s estimated that smoking causes about 443,000 deaths each year. And those smokers pay about $1,200 more per year in life insurance premiums than nonsmokers.

Smokers are also more likely to develop health problems like cancer, heart disease, and stroke. These health issues not only shorten lifespans but also drive up healthcare costs. That means that smokers end up paying more for their health insurance than nonsmokers.

How Tobacco Use Affects Insurance Premiums

Tobacco use has been shown to have numerous negative effects on one’s health, but did you know that it can also affect your insurance premiums? insurance companies have long taken tobacco use into consideration when setting rates, and smokers can expect to pay significantly higher premiums than non-smokers.

In recent years, however, some insurers have begun offering discounts to smokers who quit, as studies have shown that ex-smokers pose much less of a risk than those who continue to smoke.

Why Insurers Charge More For Smokers

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. But did you know that it can also make your insurance premiums go up? Here’s why: Smokers are more likely to get sick or injured than non-smokers. That means they’re more likely to make insurance claims. And when insurers have to pay out more in claims, they have to charge higher premiums to cover their costs.

Smoking also shortens lifespans, on average by 10 years or more. That means insurers have to pay death benefits to the families of smokers sooner than they do for non-smokers. Again, this raises the cost of premiums. So if you smoke, be prepared to pay higher insurance rates. But there’s good news: quitting smoking can lower your rates over time.

The Cost Of Smoking-Related Health Problems

Smoking-related health problems are expensive. They cost the average smoker $3,395 per year in medical bills and lost productivity, and they cost nonsmokers $622 per year in secondhand smoke exposure. In total, smoking-related health problems cost the United States $170 billion per year.

Smokers pay more for health insurance than nonsmokers. On average, smokers pay $1,051 per year in premiums, while nonsmokers pay only $415 per year. This difference is even larger for older smokers. A 65-year-old smoker pays $2,473 per year in premiums, while a 65-year-old nonsmoker pays only $837 per year. Smokers also incur higher out-of-pocket costs for their care.

Life Insurance For Smokers In Boise

 While some of you may wondering if an insurance companies can denied the smoker? The answer is no! Smoke can shop and purchase life insurance, but they must be prepared for the monthly premiums because premiums for smoker tends to increase. Because nicotine has a huge impacts to an individuals life expectancy.  The only chances you'll get deny on your enrollment is when you lie at your application about your lifestyle.

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