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Quick Review AIG Term Life Insurance 

Hey, Boise, this is Chris with Boise Health and Life Insurance Agency .

Hey, so today we're going talk a little bit about American General Life insurance company.

They are one of our favorites to work with. They've been around for a long time. A-rated company.

They are just a quality company. They've got some pretty interesting products when it comes to term life insurance.

So I'm gonna take you here to the website. And here's our home page here. Of course, Boise Health and Life Insurance Agency.

We do health insurance as well. Not always me, but one of our great agents can help you out if it's not me. So you come in here and right here you go toe life insurance quotes come down and view some of the other products that we offer. Just click on this here, and it's gonna take you to our online term life quote engine.

All you do is coming here, by the way, folks. The whole thing about what we do here is we're not your average, typical pushy agents. So you want to come in, get some quotes, think about it. You reach out to us. When you need help, I get it. So we'll come in here. You just type in your first and last name next. Male or female. Now here's your health. Here, this is pretty significant to know you want To.

I would say be a little bit more cautious or you know, the five hearts. Very few people get that before hearts. Very few people. I'm not saying they review it, says 20% applicants get it. But if you're overall good health, you can just get this one right here, the third heart.

And if you get a better rate, the company will give you a better rate class. If you come in from underwriting healthier than what you applied for, they will give it to you. And the reason for that is they want your business. They don't want you shopping around or do anything.

They want your business on the books and make a lot of money doing this so they will give you a better rate class. We see it all the time. Okay, So the three hearts, uh, if you use tobacco smoking, chewing patches, vaping, that's all considered tobacco. If you smoke cannabis or take edibles that are considered tobacco rates. Okay, so just be mindful of that for me. Here, put in your height than our calculator will help.

Try and figure out what was classy. You're gonna fit in just based upon your height and weight. And I'm just gonna put in here. Uh, I'll put in something close to my age. Let's see, let's do a 40-year-old. I'm not 40 by the way. I wish I was and then comes here and what the calculator does, It defaults on the $1,000,000. Now, folks, when it comes to how much coverage you need, there's a rule up 10 times your annual income.

If you're making $100,000 year, 10 times, obviously 1,000,000. But the reason for that is it's just a good rule of thumb. It replaces your income. Let's say you're the breadwinner in the family. It replaces your income for 10 years. Your family can invest that money or use it to get back on their feet and get things figured out.

We also have a nice little calculator here that will walk you through taking into account all of your get and future funding coals, Um, which is nice too if you need that.

So I'm just going to do a sample. $500,000. Just slide that there and it will. Recalculate showing you 10 15 2025 30 35 40 years. What's available? So we have a 40 available year term, which is fantastic. So that that could take this 40-year-old, uh, male nonsmoker out to age 80 for $154 a month, which is fantastic.

So once you select So you just need to figure out here which one you're thinking about the most popular product. To be quite honest, 40 year old is probably gonna be a 20-year term unless we have other things that we're planning for. So we're just gonna go here. Keep this quick. I want to keep this video pretty quick today, So just put in your email.

As I said, I am going to get a notice that you did come in and get a quote. But don't worry, we're not gonna pester you here. We might reach out once and say, Hey, did you get your quote? If you have any questions, yes. Or now and then will kind of leave it at that. So and then up, pops. Are companies from the best monthly premium the least expensive to the most expensive.

And you can just scroll down here and look at these. Uh, it's kind of nice. We always put the one best upfront on. And then we show you some of the other companies with some of the special features typically of underwriting or the product. So, uh, Pacific life is just a preferred company. They do some express underwriting the principal life. I worked with them a lot.

No exam is required, depending on how you answer the health issues. So when they say it's not required, it's It is a simplified issue. It's not a guaranteed issue. John Hancock so a lot of companies are going toward this model. They someone's in fairly good health. They don't need to order. Excuse me? They don't need to order your medical records and everything.

They just can get a lot of information from your prescription drug records. you're just the interview that you do blood and urine if they even need it, depending and you're driving history. So they hit the MIB. Which is great for you because it can speed up the process. And a lot of times, if you don't have to go through, uh, an interview with the nurse or get blood in urine done, that's fantastic, too.

But we're talking about AIG. Today Banner came up that, at the least expensive 48 44 exam days was required. Now we come down here AIG is coming in at 48. So these are all coming, right? The term life companies are very competitive with each other. Ah, almost any quote that you'll look so it will come down to several different issues underwriting if it's a no exam or not Uh, your personal preference.

This is about American General because I know a lot of people ask me about it. They hear about AIG. They're one of the largest life insurance companies in the world. And let's take a look at it. So we are here 48.00 just a few cents more. You can click right here, show policy details, and I will tell you a little bit of a little bit more about the policy.

So tells me here my height I cannot exceed 263lbs for this rate class, so I could probably maybe go up tells you about conversion. Conversion is a very important option on a term life policy and where we see it used the most. And probably the most important aspect of this is if you get a term life policy and then you have a major health event and let's say you were uninsurable after that event or your health is declined.

Conversion options give you the option to convert it to a permanent policy before a specified date. It's usually this one here says It's, I think it's age 70 here. Yeah, age 70. So you have to do it prior h 70. That's the last age that they let you convert. So what conversion are you go from a term policy at the rate class that you qualified for?

Convert that to a permanent policy that will last longer now, at your attained age, so it's gonna cost more. Be for two reasons. It's an It's a permanent policy if you can design it to stay in force your whole life. That's one reason bait costs more. The second reason is depending on how long you have your terming force. Your age goes up, someone is your age goes up. So do rates on life insurance.

Because immortality so but very important option. Sir, there is a product guy right here. You can just download that. I will have this on the website as well. I'll have it on the website where you can just download that and you can switch to an annual course and you'll save a couple of dollars. So 569 a year I think it's, uh, comes down to about 12 $13 a year.

So anyway, that is American General. We highly recommend them. Get a hold of us if you need help. If this looks good here, you can simply come right online and apply for insurance. And you can elect traumatically sign the application right on like we make this as easy as possible.

But of course, we are here local if you need help. Well, thank you and have a great day

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